Tacoma Pink Boat Regatta coming in September!

We do this through sailing. Because that's what we do.

The Pink Boat Regatta began with a sailor, daughter, and scientist wanting to do more. Ashley Bell had recently fallen in love with sailing when she learned her
mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer - for the second time. Having been adopted at birth, Ashley hasn't met her mother until after the first diagnosis
and treatment a decade earlier, and was determined to support her from several thousand miles away. Inspired by a sailing event in San Francisco, Ashley
decided to rebrand the event and bring it to Seattle where she lives.

  Almost 7 years later, The Pink Boat Regatta has raised over $554,000 for breast cancer
  research. Every year, sailors and supporters alike start planning months ahead of time to
  don their pink, get their sailboats race ready, and begin campaigning as part of an event
  which was built upon by a passionate little Seattle sailing community dedicated to getting
  on the water for something greater. Something affecting us all. Something we CAN do
  something about, just by coming together and doing what we love most - being on the water.

  Dock Street Marina will work with the Pink Boat Regatta to help provide guest moorage for
  participant boaters. Any boat involved in the event will receive a discounted moorage rate of
  $1.00 per foot for all days spent at the marina during this week in September. Daily Power
  rates will remain the same. There are currently 10-15 spots reserved at the marina. If we
  have over 20+ boaters involved in the event register with us prior to, then moorage will drop
  to $.75 per foot a night. 

 Click HERE to visit the Tacoma page for the race!

Published on Mar 27, 2019.

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